Channeled Message from Nubus

“Would there be one of you that does not acknowledge that something is happening?  That there is something taking place upon your planet?  We have been watching the tribulations of so many holding on to that which is falling away.  And with each grasp of holding on to something that once was familiar is bringing struggle to your reality We encourage you to let go of that which is not working out.  Realize, dear human being, that this is a indication of something needing changed in your reality..  There is no need to struggle.  Nor is it your design. These are great times of change.  You notice it, you know it to be so.  And we say unto you that you will only notice more.  Be liken the waters and just flow.  Resistance, as the stone in the river, only breaks down and erodes away.  Be the water and bend and twist and turn with every, what you might label, obstacle.  Avoid becoming locked upon the obstacle beloved.  For you see when you are distracted and giving your attention to the obstacle, you miss the opportunity to move another direction. You will never see water ‘struggle’… it just flows. Blessings be upon you beloved.  Journey these times well.  Know that you are not alone.  There are many, so very many of the Invisible that are here with you to assist you upon your way.”                                                                                                           ~Nubus 


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