Figuring this out…

I sit early this morning playing with this blog.  I have journeyed hither and yon within the ‘reality’ commenting a time or two as well.  And now to ‘post’ once again as well.  What I find fascinating is figuring this all out.  I’m very new at this.  This arena of communication if quite dynamic, in an of itself.  And how wonderful it is to play within it with you.  Yet, I still find it fascinating to work on my posts and get the ‘link’ correct with my ‘name’ is clicked upon.  A soft chuckle and gentle smile comes as I am aware that the ‘clickee’ is brought all over cyberworld…. to my actual wordpress blog page (which of course is the ideal; to my website (I’ve created a link to get to my blog page); to the wordpress main page.  Another chuckle comes.  I’m still trying to figure out how to ‘link’ the clickee to my blog page with consistency.  Perhaps there is someone who reads this that will assist me with that key component.  I’m certain it’s quite simple.

Then I browse this new neighborhood and find all sorts of possibilities to add to my pages.  Asking myself: ‘Hmmmm? How did they create that?”  Even more aspects to ‘figure out’.    Ah, such a playground to explore.  And it’s the exploring that is so much fun.   

So now, even if you,  the clickee,  may come to find that you reach my blog page, I would invite your expertise and advice.  For you see, it is not consistent.  Perhaps I could have titled this blog:  Ping Pong.    And maybe I should include a warning and disclaimer:  Clicking does not guarantee you will get where you think you should be going.   But persevere, don’t give up.  You’ll get there eventually!   And lastly but not least:  Wishing you most pleasant travels and that you arrived at the destination safely and enjoyed the visit…

Hmmmm…..  parallels to living a life.

It’s an interesting journey.  And I continue to smile as I continue exploring.  Perhaps we’ll meet along the way…   🙂   Imaya


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