The Death of a Son…

A friend of mine…well, her son died this evening.  He was skiing in the backcountry with some friends.  This is not an unusual occurance here in Jackson, Wyoming.  People come from around the world to ski the resort and backcountry.  Yet, this fellow is a ‘local’.  There have been several deaths this season.  Partly because it has not been a very good snow year.  People take lots of risks….it’s human nature.

So, there is a sadness that I feel.  And my friend, well, only a mother can feel such feelings.  Not to say a father cannot, but it is different.  It’s the nature of duality in our reality.  I don’t mean that males feel any less.  It is the aspect of giving birth to life.  This mother, my friend, is a marathon runner and lover of life and compassionate as can be with humanity.

Death…  I have sat in state, channeling, and listened to Spirit speak of death.   It is all about transition and I embrace this.  Still, I am a mother also.  And the angst I witnessed, as a mother, as a friend… was beyond words.  I’m certain it would be for you and for me.  Even with my awareness, we are human and having this experience of feeling in this reality.  I actually even ‘commented’ on a blog with regard to feelings this morning.

So, I’m feeling the sadness and I will be available to my friend.  Her son, is still on the mountain, it was too dark for him to be removed.  The Search & Rescue did all they could do.  I wondered how she must feel knowing that her son is still out there in a canyon…’until morning’.  This is a twist that most who experience tragedys rarely are confronted with.

As I drove on my way home this evening, I looked toward where he lay, lifeless, transitioned.  I sent energy and love his direction, which is all directions now.  Now he is free from the confines of expression in a form.  And realizing that this is part of a destination.  And in this, I honor his journey and thank him for living this life human as he did.

And as I sit writing this, I am visited by my ‘friends’… the non-physical energies that express and involve through me.  And they show me his journey ‘at passing’.  And I am witness to something more that what ‘it looks like’ to the physical eye.  The transition is a beautiful thing, well beyond what most are aware, let alone embrace.  There is only Onesss and this young man has returned to Oneness.

It is a reminder that there is no such thing as separation.  Separation is the ultimate illusion at best.  And in these times, it is important to become aware that we are just that ‘we’ … as a species.  Beyond ‘you’ and ‘me’ and ‘us’ and ‘them’.  It is our mission in this life to evolve into unity and recognize Oneness as all that there is.

A slight smile comes upon my face with a bit of chagrin as well.  And I feel this fellow’s essence ‘speak’ with a message to give to his mother.  The multidimensional experience is comprised of many ‘selves’…that are connected with one seeming individual.  In other words, you reading these words, have many you’s existing simultaneously, in every dimensional gate and plane of reality.  You are extension of the Spirit that you are… just like this young man. 

I thank him for being here and now and will indeed pass on his message.  I thank my Guidance and the Energies that are with and communicate with me as well.  I send love to my friend.   It’s not an easy thing being human at times, is it? 

And so I write these words here and now to you that would read and ‘listen’.   And I thank you as well.  Many blessings to you.  And if you have had a loved one leave this reality, I send you love as well. 

I appreciate your taking the time to read this…. 

Thank you for the opportunity.   Imaya


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