A Channeled Message from J’oshua

Aah beloved, take a breath and sit with that which I am in these moments.  For it is unto here and now that all things are in the forever moment.  And in this, realize that you are forever as well.  This does not change.  It never has.  It never will.  Only in the experession of your Spirit in human form are you cloaked from this awareness.  And this is your journey, as a human being, to awaken to the re-membering that you are infinite aspects of Source.

Realize that each of you, seemingly separate, is not.  You are a conglomeration of so many aspects of energies that come together to have an experience and expression through and in a physcial embodiment.  In other words, you are Spirit made flesh. 

You are here to experience living a life filled with sensorial intoxications.  And this is why you have forgotten that you are Spirit.  So many human beings believe that they are the body.  And with such a belief, you are then compelled to seek Spirit and spirituality outside of your self.  Beloved, this means that you are seeking that which you are… elsewhere.  And elsewhere does not exist.  My oh my, do you recognize that this then create quite the visious cycle and circle?

Sit and contemplate if youwould, just for a moment, that you are far greater than you know and believe your self to be.  Beloved, you are a magnificent and glorious being on the leading edge of Source coming to know more of Itself.  And in this physical expression, do you dance in the now and unto forever.

There are many of you awakening and many more to awaken soon.  Be you one that will assist the ‘other’ upon their journey?  We bid you, realize that the ‘other’ you perceive is you.  Beloved, there is not ing outside of your self.  This is where you are in the step of your human awareness, consciousness and evolution as a species.  Your species is at the threshold of taking quite the leap in its evolution.  This is why you are witnessing and experiencing accelerated chaos in your reality.

Be aware that many of your abilities, inherently yours, will come to light.  Your psychic abilities will become more and more evident and ‘normal’.  Many of you are experiencing your own awakening and sensitivity to what is taking place upon your planet and the myriad of life forms that dwell here along with you.

Awaken beloved and be not afraid.  Know you are worthy and claim that which is your without questions, hesitation or doublt.  You are godly!  We, in the non-physical realms know who and what you are.  We are here to assist you in these times.  Call to us!  We, you and that which we are, made this agreement with you long before you became physical.

Yes, call to us beloved.  So many are eagerly awaiting your invitation.

Many blessings unto you and may you journey well.  I am J’oshua and I am forever… just like you.


  1. kimcaraher said,

    March 13, 2007 at 05:51

    Thank you. Beautiful and inspiring.

  2. Lesley said,

    March 30, 2007 at 17:24

    I am sharing my journey with my daughter LeighAnn, who has always been aware that there is more to life than the physical that meets the eye… thank you so much for your inspiration and insight…

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