Communication…. it’s a beautiful thing.

I’ve always been a practitioner and advocate of direct, clean and clear communication.  What I notice most frequently in all environments, both personal and professional, there communication is sorely lacking.  It’s amazing how misconstrued and idea or statement can become…especially when a ‘third party’ becomes involved.  You know the one that tells another what you said, he said, she said or even they said.  You know even, are you ready for this: God said!  And you can see globally, where that has taken humanity.

It is important to have clean and clear communication.  Certainly, we all have our own perceptions and conceptions, our own definitions and this colors that which is being said in its own context as well.  So much energy is put into that which is not even valid nor near a statement being referred to.  So what does this mean?  What is the next variable in communication:  listening.

It’s an art in and of itself, listening.  One has to become quiet in order to listen.  I notice that the majority of speakers are not the greatest listeners.  Have you noticed this?  Well, perhaps this is why there are so many speakers who do not listen well…because they are aching for someone to listen to them.

So perhaps this is the key.  To listen is to receive.  To speak is to give.  Among each and every one of us is the propensity to be a giver and receiver.  The majority us humans are givers.  It is difficult for such a majority to receive.  So, ask yourself this question:  Am I a giver?  I bet the answer is yes.   Then ask:  Am I a receiver?   This is a journey for most human beings.  Balance of the two is the goal.  You know, not too much of one…not too much of the other.

Communication.  I bid you to speak and listen with honor, integrity and grace.  And consider giving and receiving (taking) in the same manner.  This creates a balance that moves through all things…. most of all your self.

Speak and be heard and listened to.  And allow those that speak to you to be heard and listened to as well.  Both with what?  Yes… honor, integrity and grace. 

Parents, listen to your children…they just want to be heard.  Children, listen to your parents…they just want to be heard.  ‘Husband’, listen to your partner…they just want to be heard.  ‘Wife’, listen to your partner…they just want to be heard.  Teacher, listen to your student…they just want to be heard.  Student, listen to your teacher…they just want to be heard.  The list could go on.  Perhaps you would consider listing your contribution in the comments.  It would be fascinating to see how long our list could grow.

I just wonder, if we would but take the moments to listen more fully and actively, if the raised voices would  become more quiet and soft spoken.  No more hollering and yelling at decibels beyond ‘comfort’… just to make certain ‘that you hear’.   Hmmm?  Something to consider…

Create balance my friends and notice the changes in your reality. 

Here is something else to consider and contemplate:  Everything communicates.  All those things which are seen and also those which are beyond most human perceptions…the non-physical, multidimensional realms.  Nature and Spirit want to be heard as well.  Are you willing to listen?  This takes even more ‘quiet’ of the mind.  You might be awestruck by what you hear.  Nature and Spirit love to speak with us…and wait so patiently for us to create the space to listen.  And when we do, Nature and Spirit celebrate.  Because when you listen once to these realms, you will listen again…and again…and again…

I thank you for listening to me in these moments.   I hope this day finds you well received and listened to as never before.   And may you find your self listening as never before as well.   Have a most beautiful rest of your day.  Imaya


  1. kimcaraher said,

    March 20, 2007 at 03:17

    Thank you for the words you give us to listen to. I enjoy your perspective very much. Listening and being listened to makes all of us more alive.

  2. March 22, 2007 at 14:57

    Thank you for your such an acknowledgment…and beautiful words as well. Imaya

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