The Visitor and The Entity Human…. A Story

The Visitor and the Entity Human 

Once upon a time in a distant land, not of this galaxy, there was an entity and saw visions of this, your world.  This entity stood and watched with amazement this world.  It marveled at the lushness and abundance of Nature and now Nature moved through all things.  It noticed how there was true syncopation within that which moved with Nature as well.  There was harmony and balance.  And this entity watched this over quite the time span.  Time was not measured where this entity abided, and its time was far greater than that known in the rhythm and cycles of the planet it watched.  And it smiled. 

For so long, it was shown this world and it would watch so often and marvel within each moment.  For it was so fascinated with the world shown to it that it began to long to experience the place of such revealings.  Oh to be in the movement of the rhythms and cycles.  And it smiled its smile which is not like that of the inhabitants of the world it watched. One day, in the cycle of the planet it watched, it sent forth its energy to signal its presence.  It wanted to let the planet know that it was watching and had a grand fondness for all that this planet was.  It wondered if any entity would receive its message.  And over what would be known to the inhabitants upon the planet as eons, there was no response.  And the entity kept watching and listening. This entity what so attracted to this distant place of its vision.  And as time continued to pass, the vision was continued to be shown to it.  And it was pleased to be shown.  It continued to call out and send its energy presence to this place so far away.  It knew it was not a part of its galaxy and solar system.  It began to long more and more to experience this place.  Still, over so many eons, not one response to its signal. 

Then one day, one moment, there was a receiver of its signal.  How filled with excitement the entity became.  And it received the reply of the entity who had embraced its signal.  Though not aware as nor possessing the consciousness of itself, it realized that it would be able to learn from the entity that responded and it became even more excited.  And it was pleased to know that the receiving entity would learn from it as well.  And it sent a stronger signal of itself to the recipient upon the distant planet.  And there was again, strong response of the signal received.  And as time passed, the signal grew ever stronger.  For it seemed the receiving entity was embracing the energy of itself sent out. The entity began to realize that the vision and the recipient were creating another reality whereupon the entity would have the capacity to visit said world and recipient.  It was like a cosmic invitation.  And the entity had never experienced this before.  It was delighted and knew that the recipient would anchor and hold its energy.  And in such holding would the entity experience Nature and the world it saw as well as more experience with the life that thrived upon the planet.   It arrived and was embraced by the receiver entity which was human.  It was not like the other humans that it noticed through the expression of the receiving entity.  The visitor became aware of why it took so long for it to receive a response to its signal.  And it became to embrace the receiving entity as it had never experienced before.  And it was more dedicated to sharing what it could with it. 

The visitor learned that the receiver entity of this planet was female and very connected to the invisible realms of which it was a part.  It realized that she wants to grow so much so that she could know the Visitor and other entities that were received by her.  Her beacon so bright, she is easy to find by the invisible realms.  And the visitor was welcomed by all.  The entity human loved and embraces all of the visitors that come to this world. The visitor became aware that this species is moving through a step in evolution and the female human was focused upon sharing her awareness with them to assist them in moving through.  She was dedicated to sharing information that would assist them easefully through the process of moving their consciousness to a higher octave.  The human entity already possessed this consciousness.  Yet, the visitor noticed how most human-beings were not interested in listening.  The visitor felt this so very odd.  And it continued to watch.  It embraced her dedication to bringing information to her kind.  It began to offer information to share through her as well, as did so many other entities.  The human entity was not discouraged by the lack of response of her species.  This reminded the visitor of its experience with lack of response as well for such a long period of linear time. And the human entity continued moving and taking action to create opportunities to share her self and all that moved through her.  She simply loved sharing the work and her passion only grew moment by moment. 

She was so connected with conscious awareness of what she really was, and still she knew there was more.  And the visitor watched, knowing that she would continue to expand and become more than she ever could have imagined.  The visitor began to watch her as she moved through Nature and how she lived in harmony with Nature and all things that lived upon the planet.  It mattered not its nature, she embraced it for the live and spirit it was.  She longed to be translucent and was so much of the time.  Often she was not aware of her translucence yet, the visitor was.  The human entity wanted to experience as much as she could in her form.  She would play in the non-form realms with such delight and acknowledge those energies that shown to her.  She could feel the energy of those that were with her and could see many in their purest form.  It was not necessary for non-physical expressions to show up a certain way.  She preferred to see them and merge with them as the energy they were.  And the non-physical energies so enjoyed merging with her in the same way.  It was such an experience. 

The visitor had watched this quite often. One night, the visitor shown itself to her and she recognized it as new.  She smiled with all of her form and energy and welcomed the visitor.  The visitor was quite close to her when she asked if she could touch it.  And the visitor said yes.  The human entity held out her hand and touched through the energy of the visitor.  And such a merge took place, that it brought tears of joy to the eyes of the human entity.  And the energy of the visitor exploded with rapture of such an experience.  It had not felt the merge with such an entity and this entity was physical.  The experience was profound and phenomenal.  The visitor began to embrace the human entity even more than it could have imagined.  And it decided that it would stay with her as long as she lived this life. 

The visitor realized that this could be quite the journey since it was aware of the abilities of this human entity expanding.  It was pleased to be with such an entity and she was pleased to have the visitor with her as well.  And so they journeyed together. And to this day, she acknowledged the visitor and the visitor acknowledged her.  She knows that the visitor shares information with her as well, even if she does not understand in the human way.  She knows that the visitor is with her every moment and listens when she calls.  The visitor feels her every movement through this reality and learned about the five human senses and some emotions.  It would share its energy world with her and take her to visit other places.  And the human entity would so love those times. 

Most of all the entity human would know she was never alone.  Even though there were so many non-physical energies with her, it was with the visitor that she felt a special connection.  One day, she began to weep and the visitor had not experienced this through her before.  It realized that it was from such a deep place of love for this world and all that lived here.  And the visitor enveloped her when such an embrace that the human entity felt so loved, and she had not felt this before.  Their connection grew in that very moment and continues to grow unto this day. The experience of the visitor and the entity human is like no other.  It has been felt throughout Creation.

 Perhaps you will be fortunate enough to meet them as you journey upon your way in this world. Yet, you must be aware or you might just walk right past.  And even if you do walk past, realize that your life, as you know it, has already been changed…by just reading these words. 


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