Whale Rhythms

Photo by I’Maya

Just completed the 2nd music video:  Whale Rhythms

Always having been so very deeply connected to Cetacean Consciousness: Dolphins & Whales,
I am creating Sound Signature Healing Harmonics© sound experiences
focusing on the use of whale sounds/

I obtained these sounds when I would be out on my own within and upon the ocean
being in the majestic presence of these creatures, using a  hydrophone suspended from my raft.

To be in the water as a whale would communicate was amazing.  It’s song or melodious tones
would permeate each and every cell.  This experience is beyond words.

Thank you for coming by and taking the time to listen and watch.
You’ll find the video here:

Thank you for the opportunity.

Whale Rhythms is available for instant download at:
Sounds Affect

Thank you for the opportunity.

Words to be shared: A channeled message from Helios

It’s been a while since I last posted.  Certainly, it didn’t mean or equate that there was nothing to post…  So, I sit this night and re-connect with this space.  And what comes is to share with you that which is shared through me.  Oh, to be the clear and open vessel.  It is my passion, my drive, my devotion…. my life.  It is a pleasure to share these words of Helios with you.  I thank you for these moments and the opportunity.   Many blessings, I’Maya

“And so, here it is that I, Helios, find this arena to speak through.  And it is with such pleasure that I have the opportunity to share what you label as ‘words’, with you.  And as you read them, be aware that you are translating them as well.  And in the translation there are a myriad of directions.  Yet, what will be spoke will be as straight and as true as we can express.  

Translation brings forth all sorts of quagmires for the mind.  You see this , yes?  For it is in any and all translation that your reality takes on its appearance and experience.  And only further translation keeps this in motion.  So, what is so powerful about translation?  Well, simply, it reflects what you see and experience in your reality.  It actually becomes a vicious circle of sorts.  For you see, you can easily become locked and contained within the carousel and find yourself going round and round and round.  Yes, experiencing the same old thing over and over again and again.
And what brings about movement away from the endless cycle?  It’s simple, awareness of the cycle and what is being created.  Created by any and all translation that you see, feel  and experience.  Yes, it is a judgment of what you see, hear, smell, taste, and feel.  This sensorial garden you find yourselves walking upon… or living within is more accurate.  For many of you are alive yet, not living life as it was Divinely Designed.

And all this has its anchor in translation.  Could you play with me for a few moments and just for these moments, let go of translating  altogether?  That’s correct.  Just simply be.  And with such beingness comes expansion into your infinite Nature.  Your Spirit does not judge, it does not care.  It only bathes in experience.  It is human-ness that ‘cares’..  Why?  You may come up with a plethora of responses.  Yet, this is the core truth, it is because the ego mind wants to create a position.  And it does this by translating,, that is qualifying and quantifying what it perceives and conceives.  This is where it comes from.

So, what do you do without this ‘attribute’, and we use this term with humor attached…?  Well, you become aware of the illusion of translation and what you might belief something to be.  You realize that all things that exist are you.  Oh, certainly, it may look difference within its elaborate disguise and mask.  But, it is you.  Simply put, there is nothing that is outside of yourself.

Ah translation.  Simply be beloved and know that you are beyond definition in your non-physical essence.  And in Oneness,, all are beyond defining as well.  So I, Helios, invite you to play with this.  Play with this for just a few moments every day.  Soon, it will become your reality.  But, it all begins iwth that first moment..  And we would remind you not to take it too seriously.  There is no need.

So play as children and dive deeply in the moment without restraint.  Play and dance through the moments as the divinity you are…. beyond ego mind translation, having an experience in the living form that carries you hither and yon.  Take in all in and know you are beyond  the body.   Consider this:  that once the ego is surrendered to the translation of its reality, Divine Translation takes place.  Yes, beyond mind, beyond body, you become aware of what you truly are in your glorious, magnificent Nature as Oneness.   And you don’t even have to try.  It is spontaneous and takes place in the twinkling of an eye.  

Play in the playground called your reality, physical.  There is nothing you have to accomplish other than being in the moment.  So, simply be dear one, as I dissipate in these moments from expressing in this forum of verbiage.  Until our next communion, may you find yourself undefined if only for an instant.  Blessings.  I am Helios and it has been a pleasure to share these moments with you.  Yes…”