This blogpage is dedicated to the Energies and Frequencies that have expressed and involved through me for so many years.  It is though here that I will ‘channel’ their messages.  It is an honor and a privilege to be the vehicle for Spirit to ‘speak’ and also an honor and privilege to share this with you.

Channeled articles have been regularly published in the Sedona Journey of Emergence and The Awareness Press.  I have travelled internationally to share the work and words of the Energies that move through me.  For more channeled messages, you can listen to and/or read messages at the Journey Into Soul website:

What I do is not special.  You channel too, you are perhaps just not aware of it.  We are all channels and have the connection with Source.  Most have ‘tuned out’, that’s all.  The beautiful thing is that it is easy to tune back in.  And it is my intention to encourage you to remember.

It is an honor and privilege to share these words, these messages with you.  I invite you to ask questions via the comments page.  You will receive a reply.   I thank you for the opportunity… Imaya

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