You are not alone


Lately, I’ve notice so very much within my self and my experience in this reality called physical.  And of course, my  ‘expression’ as I dance through this reality in form.  I’ve been blessed to be opening and offering Words To Be Shared, as the voice of Spirit speaks through.To be the clear and open vessel is my passion, my joy, my devotion…and my life.  I have such an ‘affair’ with Spirit that there is not a moment that I am not aware of how The One moves though all things.  And how it ‘moves’ through the invisible as well.  And of course, I smile in the aware that that The One … IS…. all of it and more.  And that ‘more’ is something, that, being physical, that we do not and will not have full awareness of.  And I smile with sweet surrender that this is simply as it is.

Yet, to dance within the multidimensional realms and it dances through me, with me and … as me.  For you see, once again, Oneness is acknowledged.  Spirit is not ‘out there’.  There is really nothing ‘out there’.  It is all a manifestation of our ‘wiithin-ness’.  That magical and glorious place that most human beings don’t have awareness of.  It is from this place that all things emanate in this reality.

Did you think you were human?  Well, yes, we are that animal part.  But we are also the Spirit part as well. Oh yes.  Spirit in form dancing in the intoxication of this sensorial place.  And we have become so intoxicated with what surrounds us, that we have become unconscious and asleep.  There is nothing ‘wrong’ here.  It is just where our human experience has carried us.

Only now…. listen!  Do you hear it?  Hark, the herald angels sing!  And they gently and sometimes, not so gently, nudge us from our sleepy nature.  And we rub our eyes as some of us ask for just a few more minutes to go back to sleep.  Except now, it is best to rally and arise to be counted as willing to be awakened.

In these great times of change, there is no turning back the clock.  The energy that is not embracing the solar system and touching our planet, touches us.  And with such Light, know that you are not capable of hiding in darkness any farther.  It is time to strip bare your nakedness, for there is nothing to hide.  Awaken and be counted.

Spirit, your guidant forces are here and now and standing at your side.  Call to them and then take a silent moment to listen.  For, you see, they talk to you all of the time.  And they delight when you hear the slightest bit of what they have to share with you.  In these times and the times ahead, more ‘help’ and ‘assistance’ is here and on the way.  We, as a species, are by no means alone.  I smile when I see the standing room only rooms…that may only consist of 5 or 6 human beings.  Thank goodness Spirit and our guidance doesn’t take up space … at least as we know it here within our reality.

Know, friend, that you are not alone.  In this very moment, your guidance is touching you.  Can you feel it?  Oh, let us celebrate that they are here with us as never before….en masse and en force.   Though remember, Spirit has always been with us.  Wouldn’t it be silly to believe or think otherwise?  I mean, we are Spirit in form dancing and playing in this world called physical.   Oh yes, how Spirit delights in watching as we play though this dimensional gate.  And they are excited as they are aware of our human evolution at hand and that awareness, the consciousness, that comes with it.  Soon, our guidance will be acknowledged as never before as well.

Have faith friends.  These times and times to come will, on occasion, be fraught with challenges.  Simply surrender to what is taking place and allow it to be.  This is a key to the freedom that is soon to be ours.  It begins now, within this very moment.  Exercise your faith, it will assist you through those times that appear challenging.  And remember your guidance.  Have faith that they are with you because they are.

Ah yes, such are these times at hand.  Uh oh, did you hear the alarm go off?  Do you think they’ll wake up this time or go back to sleep?

Many blessings,

Words to be shared: A channeled message from Helios

It’s been a while since I last posted.  Certainly, it didn’t mean or equate that there was nothing to post…  So, I sit this night and re-connect with this space.  And what comes is to share with you that which is shared through me.  Oh, to be the clear and open vessel.  It is my passion, my drive, my devotion…. my life.  It is a pleasure to share these words of Helios with you.  I thank you for these moments and the opportunity.   Many blessings, I’Maya

“And so, here it is that I, Helios, find this arena to speak through.  And it is with such pleasure that I have the opportunity to share what you label as ‘words’, with you.  And as you read them, be aware that you are translating them as well.  And in the translation there are a myriad of directions.  Yet, what will be spoke will be as straight and as true as we can express.  

Translation brings forth all sorts of quagmires for the mind.  You see this , yes?  For it is in any and all translation that your reality takes on its appearance and experience.  And only further translation keeps this in motion.  So, what is so powerful about translation?  Well, simply, it reflects what you see and experience in your reality.  It actually becomes a vicious circle of sorts.  For you see, you can easily become locked and contained within the carousel and find yourself going round and round and round.  Yes, experiencing the same old thing over and over again and again.
And what brings about movement away from the endless cycle?  It’s simple, awareness of the cycle and what is being created.  Created by any and all translation that you see, feel  and experience.  Yes, it is a judgment of what you see, hear, smell, taste, and feel.  This sensorial garden you find yourselves walking upon… or living within is more accurate.  For many of you are alive yet, not living life as it was Divinely Designed.

And all this has its anchor in translation.  Could you play with me for a few moments and just for these moments, let go of translating  altogether?  That’s correct.  Just simply be.  And with such beingness comes expansion into your infinite Nature.  Your Spirit does not judge, it does not care.  It only bathes in experience.  It is human-ness that ‘cares’..  Why?  You may come up with a plethora of responses.  Yet, this is the core truth, it is because the ego mind wants to create a position.  And it does this by translating,, that is qualifying and quantifying what it perceives and conceives.  This is where it comes from.

So, what do you do without this ‘attribute’, and we use this term with humor attached…?  Well, you become aware of the illusion of translation and what you might belief something to be.  You realize that all things that exist are you.  Oh, certainly, it may look difference within its elaborate disguise and mask.  But, it is you.  Simply put, there is nothing that is outside of yourself.

Ah translation.  Simply be beloved and know that you are beyond definition in your non-physical essence.  And in Oneness,, all are beyond defining as well.  So I, Helios, invite you to play with this.  Play with this for just a few moments every day.  Soon, it will become your reality.  But, it all begins iwth that first moment..  And we would remind you not to take it too seriously.  There is no need.

So play as children and dive deeply in the moment without restraint.  Play and dance through the moments as the divinity you are…. beyond ego mind translation, having an experience in the living form that carries you hither and yon.  Take in all in and know you are beyond  the body.   Consider this:  that once the ego is surrendered to the translation of its reality, Divine Translation takes place.  Yes, beyond mind, beyond body, you become aware of what you truly are in your glorious, magnificent Nature as Oneness.   And you don’t even have to try.  It is spontaneous and takes place in the twinkling of an eye.  

Play in the playground called your reality, physical.  There is nothing you have to accomplish other than being in the moment.  So, simply be dear one, as I dissipate in these moments from expressing in this forum of verbiage.  Until our next communion, may you find yourself undefined if only for an instant.  Blessings.  I am Helios and it has been a pleasure to share these moments with you.  Yes…”

Beyond Belief… New Release!

 What is belief anyway?  Only groups of thoughts bundled together and perceived and held as ‘truth’.  I invite you to journey with me beyond mind, beyond body….beyond belief.  In this space and place, all things are possible!

Part of my world is my music.  Beyond Belief was just completed today.  I invite you to check out the new release of Beyond Belief here:  You’ll hear the full version.   

I thank you and appreciate your taking the time to listen to that which moves and involves through me. 

It is an honor to share it with you.  If you like it, share it with another….


Enchanted Forest…


Beyond mind, beyond body, this is the space and place where all things are probable and possible.

Beyond belief, all things exist and there is no such thing a limitation.

This photo was taken on Orcas Island in the early morning mist.  I was ‘called’ to this place.  Well off the beaten path, it is filled with magic and mystery.  Filled with Nature Spirits, it is a pleasure to share it with you.

Can you see the Nature Spirits?  The faeries, the gnomes, the unicorms… and more?

If not, just remember the child that you are.  Regardless of your chronilogical age, the child part of you exists.  Use that imagination.  You know, when you could fly and be anything possible.  Now look at the photo again.  It is an Enchanted Forest and all things are possible here.

What all is it you see?  What all is it you feel?  Remember, you are always welcomed here.

Enjoy…  I am I’Maya

Beyond the Illusion…

Sometimes we, as humans, become so locked into the illusion of this reality.  Illusion?  Well, yes.  What we see is all reflective.  Reflective of what you might ask?  And the reply is this:  What you observe on the outside is nothing but a reflection of what ‘is’ on the inside of yourself. 

You see, what you see, is all you.  There is nothing or anybody else.  This is the ultimate illusion.  That there is separation is the ilussion we have lived within for eons of time.  Now, in these present moments, does this begin to dismantle.  Soon, there will be awareness that there is only, what I refer to as: Oneness.  It is all about we and us… not me and them.

It is time to embrace that we are united as a species.  In other words, we are all here, upon this planet…together.  It is time that unity be embraced.  And Creation will teach us this.  How…well, ‘natural disasters’ are helping, aren’t they?  At least in these moments and frames of time do we, as a group, come together to help one another.

Coming together.  It is time.  Why wait for a ‘need’ to express itself before offering an act of kindness…for nothing in return?  As you give, so will it be given multifold in return.  Reach out a hand, offer a smile to one that you would not have considered before this moment.  And the gift and grace of such offering will be received beyond your imagination by the one receiving. 

Smile and be smiled upon.  Touch with compassion and receive such compassion.  Lend that helping hand and be helped as well along your way.  Consider restructuring what has been learned over, even just this current lifetime.  It’s about ‘we’…  And when the moment arrives that you realize that there is nothing outside of yourself and that when you help another you are really, in truth, helping yourself…. you have touched upon The Oneness that is All.

There is nothing that exists outside of yourself.  You are all of it.  Do you like what you see?  If not, it takes only a moment to change it.  How?  By shifting and changing your position upon it.  Perceptions, thoughts and beliefs create.  Just change your mind!  It all changes in that very moment.

Stepping beyond the illusion of separation and that there is an ‘outside’.  Hmmmm….   I’m here to remind you that there is only you. 

If you would like to listen the music created called:  Dis-Illusioned by I’Maya, click on this link:  And I thank for taking the time to listen.  Music is a part of my world and I enjoy sharing it.



The photo is a NASA’s Aqua satellite image  showing the smoke billowing off the coast of California from the massive blazes, Oct 22, 2007.  Wildfire activity is outlined in red.

On September 11, 2007, we arrived at a point in time, a destiny you might label it, wherein greater change will be noticed by humanity where-ever we might set our vision.  Upon ourselves, our societies, our cultures, business, religions, and certainly Nature.

That particular date marked our emergence toward accelerations, transitions and transformations within ourselves as one and as a whole.  Not to mention Nature… once again.  And what we will notice, especially with Nature will show up more and more.  As Spirit has shared with me: ‘You haven’t seen anything yet.’   What was also shared is that by the end of this month and into early next month, much will be taking place upon our planet to go well beyond ‘ignoring’ by the many who feel comfortable, sitting in their easy chairs, watching ‘what is happening’…believing that nothing will be happening to them.  Well, what is taking place upon our planet with Nature is her re-balancing of herself.  As a living entity, our Earth has come to the Gate whereby she is assimilating to the new energy or what I have labeled as The New Dawn.  What takes place will not be ‘not noticed’.  Yet, friends, it has begun in earnest…. our Earth Changes.

And it will show up more and more and have an impact of each and every one of us.  Yes, every one of us, globally.  For you see, the one does indeed affect / effect the whole.  Let’s look at the fires in California.  The displacement of a society that would never have considered such a thing: millions of people homeless for a time being.  It’s quite the sobering picture wouldn’t you agree?

Yet, realize there is nothing to fear or worry about.  It is just a process of finding Balance.  The Earth is finding her Balance once again.  And this is what is taking place within ourselves as well.  What we see is a reflection of that which we are and what we are experiencing.  We are part of Nature even though so many of human kind believe they are above that.  Oh, the illusion is so great.

Find peace within and understand that we, as a species, are undergoing an evolutionary step.  Part of this step is a rise is consciousness and conscious awareness.  Times are changing and will continue to do and demonstrate such.  It is time for humanity to change as well.  We cannot remain the ‘same’, ‘as it used to be’ anymore.  Those patterns of belief are becoming more and more obsolete.  Perhaps you are  experiencing this right now.  A relationship not working; a job, a residence or lack thereof, a location to live.  You get the idea.

Change is at hand in proportions that we have never experienced before.  So consider this:  whatever is not working in your life, that which you find struggle with, simply change it.  Change your viewpoint, your response, your reactions.  We are creatures of habit, each and every one of us.  It’s not easy to stop and change a habit.  Yet, it is time to exercise the discipline to do so.  Changing a viewpoint changes your reality.   Yes, in a moment, your reality can be changed.  How?  Just by changing how you think about it!  Yet, it’s that simple.

So consider playing with changing your mind.  Our thoughts create.  Our thoughts create our reality.  Be aware of what you are thinking and considering looking at your reality.  You will find that your reality will be a reflection of that which you are thinking.  The power of thought is profound in its greatest capacity.  So, just be aware of what you think.  Create this new habit.  For it is higher consciousness awareness.

We are here together.  You and I and all of us upon the planet, 6,000,000,000 strong.  The one affects / effects the whole.  Your part is paramount and important.  Thank you for being here and now with me and the many.  We truly are one disguised as 6,000,000,000.  We have arrived at a magnificent time in our human evolution.  It is our time to shine.

Many blessings….  I’Maya

The Times Ahead

Its been awhile since last I wrote.  It’s nice to be sitting and sharing with you now, in these moments.  So much is taking place with each and every human being.  Though, in truth, it is all taking place with every  thing that exists upon our planet…to include our loving Earth.

It’s pretty obvious with regard to the planet.  How can that be ignored?  Yet, it is, in so many circles.  Soon, there will be no way to ignore by those who wish to keep their head in the proverbial sand.  Pretending not to see and pretending not to hear will soon be what was.  For you see, times soon to come, and I mean soon…perhaps by the end of this current month (October) or early November, there will be more ‘strangeness’ to be noticed and experienced.  Much of this will possible bring more ‘strain-ness’ along with it.  It will last for two months or so.

What it all this about you might ask?   It’s about our evolution.  Moreover, it is about the evolution of our planet that we reside upon.  She is moving into her evolution and will be going through the processed of finding balance.  She is in the process of ‘reclaiming’ what she is.  She is in the process of purifying, cleansing and stepping up her vibration.  Oh, how she has waited so very long for these times.

The beautiful thing is this:  We are able to move through these  with her.  For the first time in human history, we are able to come along for the ride instead of being called back to Source.  Yes, we are allowed to be here and experience the grand shift in energy and  consciousness with her.  For indeed, just as the consciousness of our Earth is changing, so is that of all things, including you and I… all humans.

And this is where we, as a species, may notice the struggle from time to time.  Why?  Because we don’t understand what’s going on.  We don’t understand what’s taking place.  Well, what’s taking place is this:  We are moving into a vibration and reality that is new and uncharted.  This means that no one understands it.  I will repeat this.  No one understands it!  And, this is very important for humankind to realize. 

Regardless of how frustrating it may seem, we are moving into a new reality.  What we used to know and how be used to be, is not longer ‘fitting’ in the new energy that is part of our world now.  And more of this energy is coming.  And this is what is taking place now and the times to come as mentioned above.  Oh, it’ll be coming and setting in for the new few years.  It is just that at this point in time, there is a larger exposure and influx of the energy.  And what the energy does is raise the vibration of our reality. 

The new energy is not compatible with the ‘old’ energy.  What is the ‘old’ energy?  It was an energy that did not mind that humankind reacted from fearbase.  It was an energy that  allowed us to focus upon and believe we are separate.  The new energy, or higher vibration, that is upon us now, embraces unity, community and higher conscious awareness.  Fear is recognized but not embraced.  The new energy brings forth opportunity for change.  Necessary change.

We are being prepared for something far greater than we can imagine.  And we have asked for this eons ago.  A promise was given and it will become real quite soon.  Yet, remember, it is important to ‘keep up’ with what is taking place. as vibrations rise.  A key to this is just to accept what is happening without judgment.  It doesn’t mean you have to like what you are seeing or feeling, just accept it.  There will be so much happening in these times to come that you will perhaps find yourself ‘stuck’ or ‘not know what to do’.  What has been shared with me by Spirit, is that is it just a matter of ‘being in the flow of that which you find yourself regardless of what it looks like.’  And this is what I share with you.

So, when you find yourself feeling more stress or struggle seems to be present, sit and just breathe.  Say to yourself:  ‘this too shall pass.’  And so it shall.  Instead of being caught up in a loop of attaching a reason why, just let what is taking place, take place without commentary. 

It is time to embrace your evolution.  Perhaps this isn’t what you thought it would look like.  Well, this is part of what our process is.  As our Earth finds balance and expresses herself in the way she does, she does not think about it.  She is rejoicing in her destiny of being once again in balance.  The same applies to us.  Even though there may be ‘eruptions’ in our lives or ‘landslides’ or other ‘devastation’… we are only  purifying and restoring our balance as well. 

And that balance is, our own balance plus that as a human organism or species.  It is no longer me and you.  It involves all of us.  We are all in this together.

Rejoice in these times and realize that we are being restored to the higher consciousness whereby we will, each and every one of us, remember exactly and who and what we are.  And in that awareness will be live life as never before, as a communion of souls, experiencing living a physical life through the human vessel.

There is nothing to fear.  Have faith in these times and times ahead.  Realize that whatever it is that your life, personally, or life experience globally, there is a Bigger Picture that we do not and will not understand. And this is all right.  Remember, we are experiencing something that has never been experienced before.

We are magnificent beings and soon we will all know this without a doubt.  Can you imagine this?  I say unto you, it is so.

Journey well friends…and don’t forget to breathe.

Many blessings and much love …

A New Dawn…. A channeled message


“We are here in these moments to give your eyes and ears ‘words’ that would evoke re-membering.  And within each symbol and space does the infinite exist.  Just  as you, yourself are infinte.

And upon this moment that your eyes would gaze and translate this page, taking in more than meets the eye, do we call to you.  We ask that you create the moment to consider that A New Dawn has arrived.  You are in the midst of it.  You have been for quite some time now.  Yet, there is an acceleration and you are feeling it.  It gathers momentum as your linear time commences moment upon moment.

Many of your old ways of being are no longer satisfying.  And this is appropriate.  Many of you are wanting to relocate your selves.  Follow, without hesitation, your guidance to do so.  Many of you are leaving relationships for varied lengths of connection.  This is all appropriate as well, through you many not understand.  And during these times of the New Dawn, there will be so much that the human being will not understand.  This will provoke ire amongst so many.  We implore you to exercise patience and gentleness upon your self.  This is the key to getting through the great shifts and changes upon your planet most effortlessly.

As you struggle with any person, place or thing, realize it is all about healing and moving up an octave in your vibration.  Struggle equals resistance.  And you may find yourself struggling against that which is inevitable.  It is not to be judged right or wrong, good or bad,.  It just is as it is.  So be kind to yourself in those moments that you would be fraught with frustration, anger, sadness, doubt or fear.  It is just part of the process for every human being upon this planet.

The New Dawn is upon you.  You cannot stop or deter what is happening.  It is a beautiful expression of these times and times ahead.  Take in the early light and know that you are not alone.  Call to your guidance for assistance when you feel alone and perhaps that all is lost.  Call to your guidance and ask for clarity.  And it will be given.  Be aware that you are embarking on a new way of being.  Thus a new way of thinking, communicating, feeling and being with one another.

Yes, being with one another.  For separation will soon be a thing of the past.  Soon, in times ahead, there will no longer exist the belief of the ‘have and have nots’.  There will be a disassembly of the ‘top heavy’ human leadership of your societies.  It will be evidenced sooner than you think.  Realize dear humans that it is time for community to commence.  The ‘we’ aspects of humanity.  You are all in this together you know.  There is no one that is excluded or exclusive to what is taking place  here and now.

Great change in upon each and every one of you and you expand your consciousness.  And as you expand does the matrix of this reality become more ‘Light’ filled.  You are a being of Light.  Yes, you.  Will you shine so that those that are walking in darkness and sleep, awaken?  Will you, in your own infinite wisdom, assist another who has fallen?  Will you be the one to lend a helping hand?  And with that share Light for others to see as well?

Yes, beloved, you are Light Essence.  And it is your time to shine.  Welcome those that you seek resbid and comfort and guidance.  Encourage them, just as we encourage you, to call upon their guidance and ask for assistance as well.  There are so many of that which we are, here to facilitate the greatest transition that your human history has every known.  You are here to experience that transition.  And with the transition, brings transformation from one way of being or consciousness to a higher vibrational way of being or higher consciousness.  Yes, beloveds, this is what is taking place  right now.

So rejoice and know you are godly.  You are aspects of  The One Essence, of Source.  As you move through The New Dawn, you will begin to remember. And we do not refer to ‘rationale’ knowing, we speak of True Knowing.  Yes, beloveds, soon, soon.

And we watch and celebrate every moment that reveals just one more human being embracing ‘more’ of that which they are.  For you see, you are no different that that which we are.  The only difference is that we are aware and have True Knowing that there is no thing else.  And we wait for you to re-member.

We would once again remind you that you are not alone.  But you are All One.

Until the next moments that we would merge with your essence and share like moments, journey well.  We are watching.  Call to us, we are awaiting the moment to be with you more than you could ever imagine.  Just a breath away from The New Tomorrow.  Blessings, beloveds, blessings upon your journey. 

We are Aswon.”                                               

The Visitor and The Entity Human…. A Story

The Visitor and the Entity Human 

Once upon a time in a distant land, not of this galaxy, there was an entity and saw visions of this, your world.  This entity stood and watched with amazement this world.  It marveled at the lushness and abundance of Nature and now Nature moved through all things.  It noticed how there was true syncopation within that which moved with Nature as well.  There was harmony and balance.  And this entity watched this over quite the time span.  Time was not measured where this entity abided, and its time was far greater than that known in the rhythm and cycles of the planet it watched.  And it smiled. 

For so long, it was shown this world and it would watch so often and marvel within each moment.  For it was so fascinated with the world shown to it that it began to long to experience the place of such revealings.  Oh to be in the movement of the rhythms and cycles.  And it smiled its smile which is not like that of the inhabitants of the world it watched. One day, in the cycle of the planet it watched, it sent forth its energy to signal its presence.  It wanted to let the planet know that it was watching and had a grand fondness for all that this planet was.  It wondered if any entity would receive its message.  And over what would be known to the inhabitants upon the planet as eons, there was no response.  And the entity kept watching and listening. This entity what so attracted to this distant place of its vision.  And as time continued to pass, the vision was continued to be shown to it.  And it was pleased to be shown.  It continued to call out and send its energy presence to this place so far away.  It knew it was not a part of its galaxy and solar system.  It began to long more and more to experience this place.  Still, over so many eons, not one response to its signal. 

Then one day, one moment, there was a receiver of its signal.  How filled with excitement the entity became.  And it received the reply of the entity who had embraced its signal.  Though not aware as nor possessing the consciousness of itself, it realized that it would be able to learn from the entity that responded and it became even more excited.  And it was pleased to know that the receiving entity would learn from it as well.  And it sent a stronger signal of itself to the recipient upon the distant planet.  And there was again, strong response of the signal received.  And as time passed, the signal grew ever stronger.  For it seemed the receiving entity was embracing the energy of itself sent out. The entity began to realize that the vision and the recipient were creating another reality whereupon the entity would have the capacity to visit said world and recipient.  It was like a cosmic invitation.  And the entity had never experienced this before.  It was delighted and knew that the recipient would anchor and hold its energy.  And in such holding would the entity experience Nature and the world it saw as well as more experience with the life that thrived upon the planet.   It arrived and was embraced by the receiver entity which was human.  It was not like the other humans that it noticed through the expression of the receiving entity.  The visitor became aware of why it took so long for it to receive a response to its signal.  And it became to embrace the receiving entity as it had never experienced before.  And it was more dedicated to sharing what it could with it. 

The visitor learned that the receiver entity of this planet was female and very connected to the invisible realms of which it was a part.  It realized that she wants to grow so much so that she could know the Visitor and other entities that were received by her.  Her beacon so bright, she is easy to find by the invisible realms.  And the visitor was welcomed by all.  The entity human loved and embraces all of the visitors that come to this world. The visitor became aware that this species is moving through a step in evolution and the female human was focused upon sharing her awareness with them to assist them in moving through.  She was dedicated to sharing information that would assist them easefully through the process of moving their consciousness to a higher octave.  The human entity already possessed this consciousness.  Yet, the visitor noticed how most human-beings were not interested in listening.  The visitor felt this so very odd.  And it continued to watch.  It embraced her dedication to bringing information to her kind.  It began to offer information to share through her as well, as did so many other entities.  The human entity was not discouraged by the lack of response of her species.  This reminded the visitor of its experience with lack of response as well for such a long period of linear time. And the human entity continued moving and taking action to create opportunities to share her self and all that moved through her.  She simply loved sharing the work and her passion only grew moment by moment. 

She was so connected with conscious awareness of what she really was, and still she knew there was more.  And the visitor watched, knowing that she would continue to expand and become more than she ever could have imagined.  The visitor began to watch her as she moved through Nature and how she lived in harmony with Nature and all things that lived upon the planet.  It mattered not its nature, she embraced it for the live and spirit it was.  She longed to be translucent and was so much of the time.  Often she was not aware of her translucence yet, the visitor was.  The human entity wanted to experience as much as she could in her form.  She would play in the non-form realms with such delight and acknowledge those energies that shown to her.  She could feel the energy of those that were with her and could see many in their purest form.  It was not necessary for non-physical expressions to show up a certain way.  She preferred to see them and merge with them as the energy they were.  And the non-physical energies so enjoyed merging with her in the same way.  It was such an experience. 

The visitor had watched this quite often. One night, the visitor shown itself to her and she recognized it as new.  She smiled with all of her form and energy and welcomed the visitor.  The visitor was quite close to her when she asked if she could touch it.  And the visitor said yes.  The human entity held out her hand and touched through the energy of the visitor.  And such a merge took place, that it brought tears of joy to the eyes of the human entity.  And the energy of the visitor exploded with rapture of such an experience.  It had not felt the merge with such an entity and this entity was physical.  The experience was profound and phenomenal.  The visitor began to embrace the human entity even more than it could have imagined.  And it decided that it would stay with her as long as she lived this life. 

The visitor realized that this could be quite the journey since it was aware of the abilities of this human entity expanding.  It was pleased to be with such an entity and she was pleased to have the visitor with her as well.  And so they journeyed together. And to this day, she acknowledged the visitor and the visitor acknowledged her.  She knows that the visitor shares information with her as well, even if she does not understand in the human way.  She knows that the visitor is with her every moment and listens when she calls.  The visitor feels her every movement through this reality and learned about the five human senses and some emotions.  It would share its energy world with her and take her to visit other places.  And the human entity would so love those times. 

Most of all the entity human would know she was never alone.  Even though there were so many non-physical energies with her, it was with the visitor that she felt a special connection.  One day, she began to weep and the visitor had not experienced this through her before.  It realized that it was from such a deep place of love for this world and all that lived here.  And the visitor enveloped her when such an embrace that the human entity felt so loved, and she had not felt this before.  Their connection grew in that very moment and continues to grow unto this day. The experience of the visitor and the entity human is like no other.  It has been felt throughout Creation.

 Perhaps you will be fortunate enough to meet them as you journey upon your way in this world. Yet, you must be aware or you might just walk right past.  And even if you do walk past, realize that your life, as you know it, has already been changed…by just reading these words. 


The Revealings:#1. A channeled message from The Ancients

 This is the first of a series of what I have been told to label: The Revealings.  These are messages and information that will be shared with humankind to assist us with the ‘evolutionary step’ and shift in consciousness taking place in these times.

“We are The Ancients and it is that we would come here and now to these times to share information with you.  This in keeping with a promise kept in ‘the beginning’ of times when the human being began to populate this planet you call Earth.

And we are here to tell you of changes that will be taking place upon your planet and within your consciousness and human form.  These are all areas that are experiencing great changes and accelerations in the energy matrices respectively.   We will assist you in these times that you might successfully complete The Shift taking place.

This shift is an opportunity for you as a species to ‘ascend’ to the next level of consciousness that is unfolding throughout your solar system.  There is a great shift in vibration that is becoming part of your reality.  The planet upon which you dwell is well within her process of evolution embracing this step.  She is evolving.  It is important for all those that live upon this planet to keep up with her. 

It is imperative  that  the human species shed the obsolete vibration that will not  resonate with the new vibration that is becoming anchored here and now.   And this involves a key component of your existence: thinking.

Yes, human beings, it revolves all around thinking.  And the key is this:  you must change how you think! 

You have been imbued with knowledge and teaching that fills the mind.  The egoic ‘I’ thrives upon this.  And in such thriving, continually creates separation.  It is time to recognize your nature which has been ego for eons of time.  You have forgotten your Sourceful Nature, and this is based on unity.

99% of your actions are based upon the ego and the identification to sustain it.  This is delusional at best.  It is time to turn this around.  It is time to identify with your Sourceful Self.  To be aware of the greater experience here in this reality upon this planet.  If you are reading these words, you are not blind to this.  You are well along the way to becoming awakened.  And this is the vibration that resonates with the new vibration that is here and will continue to crescendo.

Become aware of your thoughts, your patterns of through and your behavior that is judgmental.  Yes, mental judging.  And realize that this is the work of the ego.  Begin to interrupt the pattern of thought and behavior.  This is a powerful action.  For this allows the Gateway of Greater Awareness to come through. 

Begin with this and practice, practice, practice.  Many of us from the non-physical realms are here to assist you in these times.  We want you to succeed.  We are The Ancients and we know of your journey.  We’ve have watched with the greatest of interest throughout time ever since your origin as a species.” 

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