Have you noticed?

I notice how many human beings are experiencing such challenging times.   These challenges take on any and all sort of ‘appearance’.  And for so many, these are not very pleasant nor easy times.  They call out so often in silence.  Yet, you see and feel …. something. 

So many feeling so very alone.  So many wouldn’t even consider asking for anything, let alone… to be listened to or acknowledged for just simply feeling and being.  These are great times of acceleration.  Change is paramount and there is a lot of resistance to it.  Have you noticed?

It’s time to embrace one another as we have never embraced one another before.  And as you embrace, will you be embraced as well.  There is someone out there….near to you, perhaps even you, that is calling our silently for acceptance of what they are and that which they are experiencing.   It’s time to embrace and extend our hand of compassion to the other.   And then consider this:  there is no other.  All things are a reflection of your Self.  And as you embrace the other, you are in truth, embracing your self.

Just a few words to share what I have been noticing in my travels upon our planet.  Thank you for taking the time to ‘listen’…..      Imaya

A Channeled Message from Z’tâh

This is the first time that this Energy has spoken through.   It wanted to be listened to, so the message was recorded.  This Energy is still ‘finding’ its voice through me.  I actually enjoy this process.  What takes place is that it plays through and has a variable sound and pitch from time to time, until it ‘fits’ through as it likes. 

This amalgum of Energy calls itself:  Z’tâh

It is a pleasure to introduce these aspects of consciousness to you.  You can listen as it introduces itself and speaks its message here: 


Thank you for the opportunity.   Imaya

Are You Willing To Let Go….


I was shown a ‘possible future’ this morning.   As I lay quietly in the darkness of early morning, non-physical Energies (Spirit) showed to me a vision of what they tell me is a ‘possible future’.  The communion was strong, as it always is when I am in such a receptive mode with the multidimensional realms.  And let me express to you that this ability and capacity to connect is nothing special, we all possess the ability.

And this is what I was shown:  To be presented with an opportunity to sail with an older couple, who are in need of assistance, as they set sail from destination to destination around the world.  I was shown the vessel, a beautiful large and sea-worthy vessel, with my self at the bow taking in the movements and all the sensorial experiences, so fully.  I could feel the wind and the ocean spray as we cut through the blue Pacific waters.  I could smell the salt water and listento and watch dolphins as they surfed upon the bow wake.  I saw the lovely couple, so deeply in love, still after 50 years of being together.  Then, I was shown at the helm as I am being taught how to sail this vessel as well.  It is a beautiful vision.  And more is shown and shared.  And I smile.

And this is the question posed in the moment prior to seeimg my self sailing upon the waters.  On shore, the couple asks:  “Can you leave with us now?”

I contemplate for a moment and respond:  “Yes.”

Then, I was again back in my bed.   I thought about how I could ‘ready’ my self for this potential reality and experience.  I asked … ‘am I ready?’.    And I realized that this would mean leaving things behind.  I am not a material person, so it was not so much about possessions.  Yet, I wondered about how I would make arrangements to get some items to storage.  And then I was shown another vision.  I saw my dearest friend, who lives in Sedona, AZ, coming to Jackson, WY to move my few things to a storage area.  I just watched.

Then I realized the bigger message of my journey and my vision…and I’ll share it here with you.  It is a question that we would all be asking our selves one day…  “Am I willing to just leave it all behind?”  And this is the question that I pose to you, right here and right now.  If an opportunity of dynamic and magnificent proportion is presented to you, are you willing to take it and bath in the opportunity?  Ask yourself,   And most importantly, listen to your answer.  What are the ‘persons, places, and things, that might hold you back?   The answers are that which  attaches you to your current reality.  This is not to be labeled good or bad, right or wrong.  It is just a question to see what ‘holds’ you in a particular position.

What would happen if you just let it all go?  Or, even just one component of it?  How dynamically your world could change.  We often hold onto aspects of our reality to maintain ‘control’ of one form or another.  Yet, there is nothing to control and it is illusory at best.  So, friend, when an opportunity presents itself, consider saying ‘yes’ and if fears presents, just hold on for the ride.  Yes, it’s new, but that doesn’t mean it’s not equally profound and life changing.  The trepidations and fears come from not knowing what it’s about or what to expect.  It’s truly living life and exploring what’s outside of the comfort of your reality.   Who knows what could be there for you to embrace.  So, consider the new job, moving to another area, a new relationship….  When we take such action, we open up so many new possibilities to experience.

Oh, interestingly, I will be leaving for remote areas of the South Pacific in less than a month.  These plans made three weeks ago.

I thanked Spirit for the lesson and bathed in the possibility.   Later this day, I obtained a small storage space …


View Points…


Another day playing out in Nature.  A different viewpoint of the same area (as pictured before in a previous post below).

Sometimes all is takes to change your reality is to change the viewpoint.  Often, cloudy things appear more clearly.  It’s difficult to embrace a new concept or way of being if the location of perception emanates from the same position.

Change your position, you stance, just a little and the whole prespective changes.  It’s a powerful position, in and of itself, to be one that changes positions. 

Consider, if you would, the viewpoint of this photo from 500ft above it or a ground level.  It is no different that considering anything that you are perceiving.  Just move your mind around and allow new information to flow through.  When this is taking place…. freedom is happening.


Communication…. it’s a beautiful thing.

I’ve always been a practitioner and advocate of direct, clean and clear communication.  What I notice most frequently in all environments, both personal and professional, there communication is sorely lacking.  It’s amazing how misconstrued and idea or statement can become…especially when a ‘third party’ becomes involved.  You know the one that tells another what you said, he said, she said or even they said.  You know even, are you ready for this: God said!  And you can see globally, where that has taken humanity.

It is important to have clean and clear communication.  Certainly, we all have our own perceptions and conceptions, our own definitions and this colors that which is being said in its own context as well.  So much energy is put into that which is not even valid nor near a statement being referred to.  So what does this mean?  What is the next variable in communication:  listening.

It’s an art in and of itself, listening.  One has to become quiet in order to listen.  I notice that the majority of speakers are not the greatest listeners.  Have you noticed this?  Well, perhaps this is why there are so many speakers who do not listen well…because they are aching for someone to listen to them.

So perhaps this is the key.  To listen is to receive.  To speak is to give.  Among each and every one of us is the propensity to be a giver and receiver.  The majority us humans are givers.  It is difficult for such a majority to receive.  So, ask yourself this question:  Am I a giver?  I bet the answer is yes.   Then ask:  Am I a receiver?   This is a journey for most human beings.  Balance of the two is the goal.  You know, not too much of one…not too much of the other.

Communication.  I bid you to speak and listen with honor, integrity and grace.  And consider giving and receiving (taking) in the same manner.  This creates a balance that moves through all things…. most of all your self.

Speak and be heard and listened to.  And allow those that speak to you to be heard and listened to as well.  Both with what?  Yes… honor, integrity and grace. 

Parents, listen to your children…they just want to be heard.  Children, listen to your parents…they just want to be heard.  ‘Husband’, listen to your partner…they just want to be heard.  ‘Wife’, listen to your partner…they just want to be heard.  Teacher, listen to your student…they just want to be heard.  Student, listen to your teacher…they just want to be heard.  The list could go on.  Perhaps you would consider listing your contribution in the comments.  It would be fascinating to see how long our list could grow.

I just wonder, if we would but take the moments to listen more fully and actively, if the raised voices would  become more quiet and soft spoken.  No more hollering and yelling at decibels beyond ‘comfort’… just to make certain ‘that you hear’.   Hmmm?  Something to consider…

Create balance my friends and notice the changes in your reality. 

Here is something else to consider and contemplate:  Everything communicates.  All those things which are seen and also those which are beyond most human perceptions…the non-physical, multidimensional realms.  Nature and Spirit want to be heard as well.  Are you willing to listen?  This takes even more ‘quiet’ of the mind.  You might be awestruck by what you hear.  Nature and Spirit love to speak with us…and wait so patiently for us to create the space to listen.  And when we do, Nature and Spirit celebrate.  Because when you listen once to these realms, you will listen again…and again…and again…

I thank you for listening to me in these moments.   I hope this day finds you well received and listened to as never before.   And may you find your self listening as never before as well.   Have a most beautiful rest of your day.  Imaya

Teton Mountains and Palisaides


It’s been warm lately, yet, still a solid ice cover over the Palisaides in Wyoming and Idaho.

Despite it being much warmer than normal the past few weeks, this photo demonstrates how very cold it was earlier this year.  Record cold temps -30 F  to  -41 F.    This photo was taken this evening on my way home from playing outside.  The temp was 49F.  Very nice for here in the wilds of Wyoming.

This is one of my most favorite spots to be…not many visitors to Wyoming and the Tetons come to this area.  Can you just imagine what it must look like in the Summer … the water is beautiful.  Of course, the ice is beautiful as well.


Teton Ice Sculpture … Blue Ice

Nature’s Ice Sculpture

Because of the geothermal area throughout the Teton and Yellowstone,many a hotspot exists.  These huge monoliths appear over the active hot water areas.  The water erupts continually and due to the exteme cold temperature, these begin to develop.  Similar to an icicle formation, only backwards.

The blue ice is spectacular don’t you agree?

This one is about 35 ft high and one of my favorites to check on.

The energy emanating from these formations is dynamic.  The geometry and matrices that exist within and upon the surface are fantastic.  Close up, what a reality.   Truly a multidimensional experience.

I have been taught by Spirit to always listen to Nature.  The ‘voice’ from this temporary visitor has much to say.


A Channeled Message from J’oshua

Aah beloved, take a breath and sit with that which I am in these moments.  For it is unto here and now that all things are in the forever moment.  And in this, realize that you are forever as well.  This does not change.  It never has.  It never will.  Only in the experession of your Spirit in human form are you cloaked from this awareness.  And this is your journey, as a human being, to awaken to the re-membering that you are infinite aspects of Source.

Realize that each of you, seemingly separate, is not.  You are a conglomeration of so many aspects of energies that come together to have an experience and expression through and in a physcial embodiment.  In other words, you are Spirit made flesh. 

You are here to experience living a life filled with sensorial intoxications.  And this is why you have forgotten that you are Spirit.  So many human beings believe that they are the body.  And with such a belief, you are then compelled to seek Spirit and spirituality outside of your self.  Beloved, this means that you are seeking that which you are… elsewhere.  And elsewhere does not exist.  My oh my, do you recognize that this then create quite the visious cycle and circle?

Sit and contemplate if youwould, just for a moment, that you are far greater than you know and believe your self to be.  Beloved, you are a magnificent and glorious being on the leading edge of Source coming to know more of Itself.  And in this physical expression, do you dance in the now and unto forever.

There are many of you awakening and many more to awaken soon.  Be you one that will assist the ‘other’ upon their journey?  We bid you, realize that the ‘other’ you perceive is you.  Beloved, there is not ing outside of your self.  This is where you are in the step of your human awareness, consciousness and evolution as a species.  Your species is at the threshold of taking quite the leap in its evolution.  This is why you are witnessing and experiencing accelerated chaos in your reality.

Be aware that many of your abilities, inherently yours, will come to light.  Your psychic abilities will become more and more evident and ‘normal’.  Many of you are experiencing your own awakening and sensitivity to what is taking place upon your planet and the myriad of life forms that dwell here along with you.

Awaken beloved and be not afraid.  Know you are worthy and claim that which is your without questions, hesitation or doublt.  You are godly!  We, in the non-physical realms know who and what you are.  We are here to assist you in these times.  Call to us!  We, you and that which we are, made this agreement with you long before you became physical.

Yes, call to us beloved.  So many are eagerly awaiting your invitation.

Many blessings unto you and may you journey well.  I am J’oshua and I am forever… just like you.

The Death of a Son…

A friend of mine…well, her son died this evening.  He was skiing in the backcountry with some friends.  This is not an unusual occurance here in Jackson, Wyoming.  People come from around the world to ski the resort and backcountry.  Yet, this fellow is a ‘local’.  There have been several deaths this season.  Partly because it has not been a very good snow year.  People take lots of risks….it’s human nature.

So, there is a sadness that I feel.  And my friend, well, only a mother can feel such feelings.  Not to say a father cannot, but it is different.  It’s the nature of duality in our reality.  I don’t mean that males feel any less.  It is the aspect of giving birth to life.  This mother, my friend, is a marathon runner and lover of life and compassionate as can be with humanity.

Death…  I have sat in state, channeling, and listened to Spirit speak of death.   It is all about transition and I embrace this.  Still, I am a mother also.  And the angst I witnessed, as a mother, as a friend… was beyond words.  I’m certain it would be for you and for me.  Even with my awareness, we are human and having this experience of feeling in this reality.  I actually even ‘commented’ on a blog with regard to feelings this morning.

So, I’m feeling the sadness and I will be available to my friend.  Her son, is still on the mountain, it was too dark for him to be removed.  The Search & Rescue did all they could do.  I wondered how she must feel knowing that her son is still out there in a canyon…’until morning’.  This is a twist that most who experience tragedys rarely are confronted with.

As I drove on my way home this evening, I looked toward where he lay, lifeless, transitioned.  I sent energy and love his direction, which is all directions now.  Now he is free from the confines of expression in a form.  And realizing that this is part of a destination.  And in this, I honor his journey and thank him for living this life human as he did.

And as I sit writing this, I am visited by my ‘friends’… the non-physical energies that express and involve through me.  And they show me his journey ‘at passing’.  And I am witness to something more that what ‘it looks like’ to the physical eye.  The transition is a beautiful thing, well beyond what most are aware, let alone embrace.  There is only Onesss and this young man has returned to Oneness.

It is a reminder that there is no such thing as separation.  Separation is the ultimate illusion at best.  And in these times, it is important to become aware that we are just that ‘we’ … as a species.  Beyond ‘you’ and ‘me’ and ‘us’ and ‘them’.  It is our mission in this life to evolve into unity and recognize Oneness as all that there is.

A slight smile comes upon my face with a bit of chagrin as well.  And I feel this fellow’s essence ‘speak’ with a message to give to his mother.  The multidimensional experience is comprised of many ‘selves’…that are connected with one seeming individual.  In other words, you reading these words, have many you’s existing simultaneously, in every dimensional gate and plane of reality.  You are extension of the Spirit that you are… just like this young man. 

I thank him for being here and now and will indeed pass on his message.  I thank my Guidance and the Energies that are with and communicate with me as well.  I send love to my friend.   It’s not an easy thing being human at times, is it? 

And so I write these words here and now to you that would read and ‘listen’.   And I thank you as well.  Many blessings to you.  And if you have had a loved one leave this reality, I send you love as well. 

I appreciate your taking the time to read this…. 

Thank you for the opportunity.   Imaya

Crystalline Life Force


The magic of crystals.  Living asentient beings that possess the magic of more than we, as human beings, would know.  So many left here by ‘others’, our ancient ancestors, from this place and not from this place for us to find in these times.

Oh, the information they carry and so want to share.  Such entities to be with us here and now.  For the crystalline aspects of our own being is becoming more activated as well. 

The crystal pictured is one that I brought home from the Machu Picchu area of Peru.  They come in all shapes and clarities.  The energy is beyond words.



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